Best Big Brother Ever

I remember it like it was just 20 years ago, well, it was actually 20 years ago that my mom came home with this weird looking kid, telling me he was my brother.… Continue reading

My Rose

What a beautiful sight, a sight to behold, a story of love never untold, the value so priceless, never to be sold, One so precious, better than gold. The scenery so awesome, the smell… Continue reading

Brain Power

The brain is the most active part of the body. Enhanced and it does what it does best, creates, thought. The brain is limitless but is made limited by the body and it’s… Continue reading

Living & Learning Life’s Lessons

It’s been ages since I have felt like I’m living, to just be myself and live freely. It’s been ages since I’ve expressed myself deeply from my most inner cores, but then again… Continue reading

Lasting Love

The future is coming, it is here and then it is gone.

Starting Over

Learning something, anything, everything for the first time can sometimes be hard and that’s just what it is, but I am still yet to understand why the feeling of failure hurts so much and the process of starting over seem so heavy.

Learning Life’s Lessons

  You know, life is funny. It is really funny how sometimes you know just what you really want and how to get there, but then you just can’t. You see, no matter… Continue reading

The Empty Mind

The wonders of how the world is structured, designed or just is, is mind boggling in itself, to even the greatest of minds afforded to humanity thus far. We seek to search out… Continue reading

The worst Betrayal

The worst thing that ever happen to a lovely loving friendly friend is to see his closest friends turn their backs on him, at the time he needs them most. It is a… Continue reading

Unless I Am

I am feeling down but all other true Messiah were once also poor and down. I honestly see them possessing not only possibility but also Cesar’s Golden coins, so why am I not yet with? Unless, I am simply… Continue reading

One Key To Success

It is not who you want to become, instead, it is who you presently are. Don’t plan to succeed- just get it done. I am Leonard Richards, thank you for reading.

Open & Closed Case

So, as to open windows off openness to the open public, let us close the case as close as possible to the New Year at a time when everyone is merry and happy, instead of closing it closer to the summer, when the weather is closely predicted to be scorching hot.