Why Our Society Is Changing Morally?


rude child


Different societies around the world are changing not only in my country (Jamaica) but for some reason either for good or bad, these changes are always gravitated to too easily as if nobody think for themselves anymore and tends to move along with the fashions of the time, maybe based on influential persons around them such as  foreign cultures which invade other countries, Role Models (such as Actors, Artists), or by persons that are in their everyday life such as friends etc. Parents also do have a wide range of blame to share or bare I would suppose, for they are the same ones who buy the Movies, games, songs or lifestyle in general and carry them into the household while telling the child or children that it is not good for them as children to watch or listen , setting up the young minds of these Innocent children to be not only confused but also corrupted by what ever they (the Parent) find to be amusing or entertaining and open a wide door of different lifestyles within the household to the children and when children do imitate, then  they (The Parents) have a problem, but yet they leave it and try not correct the ‘problem’ finding all sorts of reasons why the child is reacting or acting the way they do, reasons such as: They are now Teenagers, Maybe they are stressed, maybe He/She will not do it again and so this child takes this habit, slang, or behavior out of the home and into the streets (eg School) and this then spreads from this one child to his friends and is then considered cool, or in style but truly its an immoral act, (Wearing of pants beneath the waist, cursing in public places, fighting your elders,Forgetting basic manners, having sex too early or in public places) weather you like it or not, but lets track back, If the Parent had corrected that act from the beginning , maybe, just maybe that child would have known what is ‘immoral’ from ‘moral'(importantly based on Society or Culture) and do the right thing, Parents have failed greatly and we cannot look for better to come unless there is a change in the way children are grown, if they are not taught the small things (saying please and Thank You) , then they cannot be expected to accomplish the big things (Helping the needy or feeding the hungry, helping the elderly to cross the road). People look back in there years of childhood and ask “what happen to the good old days?’ and even have the audacity to compare it with today,this generation, not realizing, its mostly their fault.

I am not saying lets blame parents for all the bad things that are happening or that is about to happen, but what I am saying is parents are the first role models children have and in doing so they have an responsibility if not a duty to make an impact on their child for the better which will matriculate into the wider society, parents should do such a great job in impacting their child’s or children’s life so much that that child will stand out from among the rest and say “If anyone can turn this world upside down it will can and will be me” a change for the better. We all know that Children are humans just like the rest of us and the will not always do as their as parents tell them, but it would be great if the parents of this time would try.

Just Try

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Rude child