Security Disgusts




Security is considered to be a essential service in Jamaica and I would suppose that this is a universal language or expression, and during my lifetime I have met very descent hard working security Officers that ensure that every customer that enters the place of business feel happy and welcome, I would want to think that that is apart of there Job tittle, to make customers safe and happy as much as possible, but sadly that is not always the case, for example I attend a prominent University in Jamaica and my schooling experience so far is great, but the security service stinks, they seem to try to intimidate the students that enter the school compound as if they are at war with everyone or everyone is bad or about to do something illegal except themselves and I don’t believe this is how it should be, For example, I am about 20feet away from the school gate and before I was greeted with a good morning or with a smile to make me a student and a customer feel welcome, she shouted on the top of her voice while making up her face trying to seem dominant or defensive and this hurts me every morning, It just spoils my day everyday.

What about security’s initiative or the ability to give a person a chance to make wrongs right, to give warnings without a penalty at present for it is within there power……. I would know this for I was a security for approximately 1 year, Persons do deserve chances, or so I think.  I am a guy who never takes off my I.D and even when I’m not going to school I have it on, honestly and its so surprising that every time the security at my university asks me for my I.D I always have it to show and the one time I don’t have it she gives me citation, She called me over with her rough voice looked at me and ask “where is your I.D”, I explained to her that i left it at home due to the fact that I was rushing to school just to be on time for classes, basically I never remembered, she then smiled, took my name and also my I.D number and then gave me a slip of paper, I then asked her what was this paper for? I went on to ask if this would be my temporary I.D card for the day? but her reply was simply this “ The University will contact you soon”, she didn’t even inform me of what was taking place, that that sheet of paper could and would affect my classes. that should be illegal………… but such is life, I understand that securities are doing their Job and all but they don’t have to let life be hard for every one else around them.

I believe that some Securities Officers take out their problems on people,based on things that happen at home or on the road and they wait until they arrive at work to dish out their frustration on the next unexpected ‘victim customer’ or student in my case, that is how I would explain what happened to me because this lady always look angry or upset every time I see her.

Its wrong wrong wrong and that’s all I have to say…………………….For now.