The way I feel About Her




I see her every morning and in my dreams every night but I don’t know how to tell her and I don’t think that is right, I really want to tell for she deserves the truth, I want to tell her now while we’re still in our youths,

She is everything I want and everything I desire, from the way she speaks, down to her neat and simple attire, She walks like a lady and speaks like a child (calm), I really want to talk to her each and every time,

I really want to express to her how I’m truly feeling, its all because of her that I know my heart is beating. my heart goes Boom, Boom, then stops for a few, then I realize that I miss her, and I know my feelings are true,

but the words to speak to her about my feelings, are the ones I cannot find, I know the words I want to say but they are stuck in my mind, My heart bleeds and I drown within because I want her to be my queen and I be her king,

girl I love you but I’m scared to say, I cant say it, no I cant, She might think its all a play, and the fear of it all makes me to recant. Why cant I be a man, Why cant I stand? I want to move myself from this sinking sand,

But I pray and hope I’ll Find the words to tell you, and I’ll tell it all one day, how i  really want to love you for the rest of my Days, I’ll let you know what my heart is feeling and let you know you are not a want, I cant do without you girl, your my need, to live without you I cant..