Who Should I Be?


Wake up in the mornings and feel so incomplete, incomplete because I never had a dream,

I stick to myself as I try to find myself but society diagnosed me with low self esteem;

I might not have a dream like Mr. Martin Luther to help or free a human race,

I might not have a dream like Mr.Colonel Sanders to own any franchise or to change how chicken taste;

What is it that they want from me, cant I just be myself, they want me to be lawyer but cant I just be that elf ?

Every body expects better of me, better I know I can do, but should I stifle my dream of being a clown so that I can please or satisfy you?

I remember the song I heard that told me that “They don’t really Care about us” and I made it all about me, because I realize that nobody cared about me, they want me to be who they want me be, and that I can now clearly see, now I’ll be honest and set myself free, I’ll do what I want and live care free and enjoy life and grow just like that forest grown tree, to stand in the sun and just be who I am, a handsome strong Jamaican, to live life the way I want to, talk to whom ever I please, never to have a care of what people might say because I’m living for me today and your day and opinions are history and in my memory it is and always will be a mystery;

They want me to be a sailor and why would I make that sacrifice when I really don’t like the sea, I’m just glad I now realize that I should only be Me.

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