Last Night

Last night

Last night I enjoyed Your company, Last night I had a lot of fun,

last night I wish it would never end, I wish it would never be done;

Last night I realized something, Something I’ve always seen,

My conformation came last night though, It came to me in My dream;

I had a dream last night, from which i never wanted to wake,

And now every time I think of it, my heart starts to ache;

I remember that gentle kiss, you placed on both my lips,

then you gave that beautiful smile,and made me feel as a loved child;

Your kiss was as sweet as honey and your kisses I enjoyed so much,

I cherish every moment of last night when our lips continuously touched;

Last night what a blessed night, it opened my heart to me and showed me where I truly wanted to be,

It made me realize that I’m not truly free, now every time I open my eyes, its you I want to see;

Now the sun is rising and the day is fully here, but I’m stuck in the past of last night, wishing you were again so near;

There is a possibility for another last night,so I anticipate the setting sun, where once again in my dream,to my arms you will run,

If every night could be as last night, I would be a happy man, because i know for sure that you would be holding my hand,

Now I can say I do have a dream and its to be with you, But its not only a simple dream, because I know that this is true…………

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