My Rose

By Leorichies

My Rose

What a beautiful sight, a sight to behold, a story of love never untold, the value so priceless, never to be sold,
One so precious, better than gold.
The scenery so awesome, the smell so sweet and I love the fact that it’s different, wonderfully unique, to find one like this is always incomplete, its all about My Rose.

It puts forth its beauty in due season, to express its love is always its reason and its beauty keeps you coming back for more, it stands tall, never to fall Solid rock love for sure, its all about  My Rose.

The smell of my rose is so captivating and for some reason she’s also elevating, I learn of her beauty even so lately, I love my Rose, she is my baby.

Its all about My Rose. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA