He’s got the answer.

who am I 1

Who am I?

Today I am and tomorrow I am not. Who am I? A lonely being in this world, I have a voice but never to be heard. I am one who seeks and yet cannot find; so I built that imaginary character in my mind.  I search but it all seems yet in vain, I work but my money heads down the drain. I laugh but later I feel the pains; I try. I try to do the best that I can, I try. I try to be a better man. I try, but nothing seems to come out of my trying; sometimes life seems better if I was dead or dying. But when I look back at all the rough times and when I look back at God and all His love signs, how each time when I feel down He picks me up and turns me around and lets me know that I am His own, I cry. I cry the tears that could never come, they pass the boundaries of my cheeks and freely run, because I have Freedom, to live my life withing the Son.  Which leaves me to ask.

Who am I?  Today is and tomorrow is not, so from now I will give it all i’v got, for I am a child of the King. King Jesus. King of kings and this is why today, even today I can sing instead that I cry. Now ask yourself today, Who am I?

Even so ask Jesus.

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