Finding Light within the Darkness


Light is a representation of its source , one to  illuminate the skies, brighten one’s life and this is displayed in the morning’s Sun rise. What can we say? When the light is right we have yet a good day, it activates the children’s Robotic Mechanism to Reboot, run and play,

In the light The trees stand tall and  glorious, never to fall as they stand confidently above all having such a beautiful look as though Victorious, Every creature seems to start moving, as time stands still no more,  now it seems to be shooting but still in the gentle beats of the light (sun).

Light fades and darkness is upon us, it is gone and now nothing is seen, it can be found so we are searching around but it lurks so silently in our dreams, light is good and so we desire more, we search through the night confident and sure but now we are tired and weary and our spirits are now soar and our doubts begin to grow even more and more.

Finding Light within the Darkness”, is this real? is this a possibility in reality, because we search and yet we cannot find and now all the hopes of our children are left behind, we cant find the light so we condition ourselves to darkened mind and we delete that thing between right and wrong called a line, because there is no light, truth is not defined.

Impossible!!!!! You can never find light within the darkness or is the Darkness within the light? Which ever is wrong, which ever is right, as was said earlier , it can be found so we are searching around but it lurks so silently in our dreams but we have to search deep inside. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA