“I’m Trying”

I'm Trying

“I’m Trying”, these are the words I put to paper just for you, what am I talking about? Maybe you have no clue but I keep telling you that I have strong real feelings for you and now these feelings are getting stronger, a desire to be as paper to glue.

I ask the question why, why is it that the past had to mess up my future, I’v seem to have lost my prize, does that make me a looser? No!!! ill fight because of the motivation I recieve every night. everynight my goal is in sight, but now I’m tired of dreaming, ill now move by faith to claim my prize as I am Believing.

I remember the days I spent at your home, felt spiritually safe although we were alone, those were some of the best days of my life, because every time I was there I told myself you would be my Wife.

You cooked and I ate that food, you said I was greedy, I thought you were rude, but every word you say in them I find Joy, so I was always laughing as I continiously annoyed.

I remeber the times you use to tease me, to go wash my feet because they were Cheezy, but still I took it as correction of love and thank the lord everynight that I found someone I loved.

Im not saying that i’m perfect but to me you really are, your maybe not the best singer but your my rising star, what would I not give to have you again? almost anyting rated at 9 or 10, but maybe this time in having you around, you’d be more than a friend.

“Im Trying” but I dont know what to do, you’ve being so busy lately and I’m busy too, but I am willing to do what it takes to ensure that I marry you, maybe just like in the movies after the wedding, Ill carry you.

So Why not let us slow down and get back to earth, lets give Love a try and see what its worth, Im missing you and that is the truth, I want to have you now while i’m still in my youth.

I know this is Long and your a busy girl but please understand that I need you in my world, I will not promise you any Dimonds neither will I the World but I will be a happy man and I Promise To Make You a Happy Girl.

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