The Day Before Tomorrow

The Day  Before Tomorrow

There is approximately 24 hour in one single day,  365.242 days in one year but just like every normal human being, we live almost every moment without any care.

We long for The day before Tomorrow to come, then anticipates its end, but never cherish the moments in which we spend, until we reach the very very end.

“I was sent here for you” saith The Day Before Tomorrow but we keep pushing it away while awaiting the next day, but yet it comes again and again trying to be our friend but to the crossed out side of the calender it is sent.

We treat The Day Before Tomorrow as if we are promised another, at the end of it we speak of it as if it was a bother, but as persistent as it now is, one day it will not come and then to it we will try to run, trying to make apointment and try to set dates but it will be gone then, eternally too late.

Here is an advise from the fool to the wise, make every moment count in your eyes, the dreams of tomorrow are all lies, a plan to your unconscious demise, the game of deciet to which the Player wants you to play, hiding the fact from you that The Day Before Tomorrow is really TODAY!!!!! Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA