That Kind Gesture


An act of kindness


I woke up late because I had nothing much to eat last night,

I survived though, as my body fed itself from my height.

The day continued and nothing presented itself to be devoured

and I anticipated such a thing to happen at any minute or hour.

“I am use to this” Is what I sat and told myself without a bit of worry or concern for my health

I yarned and smile, as I think of the future where I imagine myself  living a life with some level of wealth

But then I thought “why not ask a friend for help, I don’t have to face this hunger all by myself”.

So I took up my Phone and text my friend and quickly he returned my call, and so I asked if he had “ran a boat” and he never answered at all.

I explained to him comedic-ally the attacks I am under from all these white scowl on my mouth and I think I felt some at that time heading down my throat.

He smiled, I know for I heard it over the Phone as he then proceeded to tell me that he was not alone,
He pointed out to me that Madam President was also there with him, I proceeded to ask her a question as I was almost Joking.

I said “Hello” almost in a Macho masculine Voice but she seemed to not know who she was talking to but she responded with a Joyful soft voice.

I went on to turn up my charm and then her voice’s countenance fell as she seemed almost already annoyed,

So I dashed into emergency gear and put aside my awkward voice and also my fears and Spoke very loudly so that she would hear


I said “Madam Kárelle, would you do me the honours of buying me lunch or something at least on which I could munch?”

She paused and my hard almost stop beating, I saw my self in the cafe no more, no food for my eating, my heart was then releaved when she asked How Much? I was happy too happy as such, I wanted to run and go meet her but I was not about to look too desperate , so I got myself in-line as I put on my attitude of ethic ate .

O, if she could even understand how she saved my life, a boy with no food, how can I ever disrespect a friend like her, to do so I would be rude.

Seek a friend before you need one is a statement I believe and with the Kind Gestures as was done today, a better world we can achieve.

I Believe.


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