I’m a fool For Jesus






I once heard a gentle man say “I am a fool for Jesus” I am not sure if he attended a University but I guess that was his Ethos,He said he would run if God Told him to and walk just the same, because his christian life was serious and to him and it is not a game,he said he would climb his house and stand on the top and that’s not a maybe, he doesn’t care what anybody say, even if they say he is crazy.

This man I saw frequently preaching on the Bus, but he spoke so simple and eloquently I now say he was teaching on the Bus,He was humble and gentle and always had a smile and now that I think it about I admire his teaching style.

I always wanted to do what I saw him did, to follow the word of God as obedient as a Kid,

But I’v  come to learn that its not just an outward action everyday, I would have to change the way I live and follow whatever the word of God says,

Yes I must live it,and in the same breath of doing so I Must Give It.

I have no idea of the gentle man’s name, don’t even have a clue, but i’m glad I met him when I did and was shown what to do.

I can say confidently, that Yes I am a Fool, Not for anyone else but Jesus and to me that is Ssssssooooo COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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