The Blind Spot


Have you ever started a journey and cannot see the end? everyone else seems to be succeeding both families and friends,

Its as if you are stuck in this one place no matter how hard you try, and its as if you have no other option than to put your hands up and Cry.

Just feeling like that turtle racing against that rabbit and losing seems to become the daily expected habit,

but still you push and try your ultimate best to win, you try to change the whole aspect of it all, not just the skin.

I know what your feeling, believe me I do and that is why I can say A better day is coming for you,

If there is a beginning then there is also an end, maybe you can’t see it but its just around the bend.

People will talk, many will laugh, a few may offer conciliation on your behalf, but don’t settle for pity and what people promise to do, believe in a brighter future, believe in You.

The past seems to be lingering around, just sitting on your shoulder and its not getting any easier even though your getting older,

But until we realize that this is a fight and not just with ourselves,also to prepare our minds to take a few bites and hits below our belt,and if we are not prepared to attack the obstacles direct and head on,then we will continue to be misdirected and to lose as if we don’t have our heads on.

Lift up your heads and be ye lifted up, not because you don’t see a way that mean that there is none but understand that that the journey has only began, keep fighting and striving and please open your eyes, you have knowledge and experience so now be wise….

If you want to win, keep on keeping on, but if you want lose,keep on sleeping on and if your that visionary, keep on dreaming on but believe in yourself and Keep on Believing On. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA