I Love You

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“I Love You” That is what I said and honestly I meant it. I would have done anything for you to feel the same way about me, however you didn’t. I called you, I text you and visited you sometimes, with a hope of forever love deeply rooted in mind. I thought about you most times when I was awake, but then you impolitely invaded my dreams and remind me of the one thing I don’t have that I really desired, the one thing I needed, the one thing I felt like I couldn’t live without, and that one thing was you. My heart ached me time after time and I felt so hopeless as my goal of getting to you seemed so far behind, my dream was moving away as the days pass by, my life was passing and my forever love was leaving even before she arrived. What have I done to deserve such pain, I didn’t want to lose you, to flash, format and reset my brain. My heart drives me to you, but you step pass me without even a clue but I was determined I will one day be loving you.

You say “let us be friends” and that I would do, because this would brings me a little closer to you, but you killed me when you said I was not your type because compared to my earlier algorithmic calculation that response ain’t right, we should by this this time be happy, happy and free,I being happy with you and you being being with me.
I cant help but cry manly tears of sadness as I now cant chase this dream no more with hopes of apparent unrealistic love. I have tried my best and now I close the curtains and make my final bow as I listen to my final applause of well done.
But as I left the stage gracefully, shattered and broken, tired from a performance of chasing. I hear a voice, a voice of sweet melody Singing my name and even before I could turn, my heart was filled with Joy as I knew such a voice- This Voice I heard in my dreams, My forever love, now performing for me a dance of enchanting Love, reveling beauty and Love as I have never seen it before, Love that surpassed my understanding and scaled the heights of my wildest imaginations.
But I could watch this dance no more, so I will join you in such an expression and dance to the sweet tunes of Love with the one I Love Now and always and I will forever state the fact that “I Love You” and I will dance with you until there is no dance left in our steps,we will dance to the endless art of music, and if the music should stops we will sing and dance to the musical notes of Love ever burning in our hearts. These memories I will never Forget but promise me that no matter what, you will never Forget that I Love You.

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