My Dream


What is a dream? Nothing more than a wild run of imagination into an unrealistic realm, sometimes driven by pure emotions of Love, Happiness or Fear. At least that’s how its seems to me.
Then again, dreams are said to be a desired passion or goals set for the near or far future.
But Whatever a dream is I want it because at the end of it all I truly want to be happy and free, happy enough to live life to its limits, living everyday as my last and free enough to express myself without a care of tomorrow or the past, even if It means that I have to be transported to an unrealistic world to live in a place where I will find my completion, to have the life I love with that special person I love. Most days I think I’m there but could I then be dreaming? Experiencing the continuous blast of Love, the tickling thrills of passion and the rhythmical heart racing beats of Joy and excitement.
But is it a possibility to¬† live a dream I dream so often? Is that even possible to dream one dream everyday? Many days and nights I am confused, not sure on what end of reality I stand. But If I dream this dream everyday, then the life of dreaming is my life, making it a reality … So… Is it then a dream?
Weather or not it is, I’m dreaming it, living it and I’m loving it. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA