What is Real?

Nothing is real, not your name,not your friends, or even the world you live in.
Everything is fake, they are just things that you have to get you around in life, like that fake I.D you sometimes use to get a drink at the pub across the road, without it you will get in trouble or not get access to “reality”. Wait!!!!!!!! reality? If nothing is real, is reality real? Is real really real? Am I confused? Is confusion real?
Agggghhh!!!!! I cant be bothered, I just want to live, but how can I if I cant be me, I want to not go to school but i’m told I have to, so that I can get an education to become successful tomorrow and that means not living today, But tomorrow is nowhere insight and today is so d*mn gray. I want to develop my own Ideas but you tell me how to think, I put my own sight afloat as you hope they all slowly sink.
You say you love me but is that sh*t real? Is it the tingling sensation thingy you feel? Or is it the happy feeling you have when you eat your favorite meal? Promise me you will put that away. Can you agree on this a deal? Or should I make to a second appeal?

I hear of creation and evolution, then tomorrow its all different in the scientific revolution, the melody is sweet but then you sing a new song and I ask you why? and I am told that your were wrong.

What is real? Am I existing or am I in the head of a teenager who is text-ing, or am I a pawn because that would be interesting. What is real? Is the world run by good people? or do they have a plan for us that is ultimately evil?

I want to know what is happening in the world but its not possible and that is a pitty, So I’m going to create a world where i’m free and build great homes and great cities, I am going to zone out from this world where nothing is real to me, I am going to the one that is more pretty, and stay there all my life and make it my reality.

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