Ambiguous or Not?

I am sorry that your sorry that you thought I was wrong, I was  telling you and compelling that I was right all along.
You say I speak and you don’t understand, but yet I never spoke, your hearing voices in your head and it is my voice echoing I hope, strong? but yet again no sound left my mouth, for you say its coming from the east but yet i’m standing in the south.

You said I said “I love You” but again I never said a word, so where is this sound coming from that you said you heard? Did it sound loud as a lion or as soft as the chirp of a bird, I have the number to my psychiatrist to whom you should be referred.

Yesterday you said you saw me with a letter in my pants but how could you see it there when it was actually in my hands?
I never even looked at you, it was just a speedy glance and from that one moment of sight, you said you saw my look of romance?

I’m done and now I am starting over, please don’t touch me,  just gently hold my shoulder, we are forever staying on this side and then slowly crossing over, I really hate you but I am still your lover.

Why are you confusing me with such clear speech? Is it my attention you desperately and blindly seek? You dear not try to kiss me because you will make me weak, but rest you soft lips once again gently on my cheek.

I applaud you mentally because I will never use my hands but I did it twice when you sang and got your first standing Ovation.
I hope you disappear and never leave after your appearance but I wanted you to quickly leave after seeing you come into existence.

You might be right to say I did the things you said I did and say, maybe I am at fault as all this is just to me a stupid play but I didn’t, I’d rather fall as I wouldn’t stoop so low, well, at least not yesterday and definitely not tomorrow. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA


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