“Life is what you make it” some old bum told me years ago, from that day on I am not so attracted to people who seem optimistic as I am almost sure they will be leaving some high spirited philosophical thought with me and then I would have to kill them.
I use to be that guy, skipping through the grasses all happy and dandy until somebody said “That’s so GAY!!!!”, yea, I never did that again or at-least not in public.
Time seems to move so fast since recently that I don’t remember what happened a few seconds ago but still I am trying to make it through, I am doing all I can to take the world by storm and leave an impact for ages to come, to make my imprints on history as the greatest as I lay in bed everyday and watch YouTube or Porn-hub. yep, got’s to start somewhere.

I must be honest tho, as I am not the type of guy to tell lies, OK, that was just a lie but you can trust me though that this is not a lie. OK? I Love you my dear reader 🙂
Now back to things that really matter- I was wondering recently, if i smoked weed, got high and read a book would I remember or learn anything? I cant seem to learn anything while sober, I cant even read while i’m sober.

Finally between you and I, two weeks ago I moved into a new apartment and my roommate was optimistic as Hell, he was like “Life is what you make it” I snapped, blacked out and weirdly he is missing from then. hope he is OK.

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