Best Big Brother Ever

little bro

I remember it like it was just 20 years ago, well, it was actually 20 years ago that my mom came home with this weird looking kid, telling me he was my brother. I said hell no!! I want no other male person thingy in this house except me and the other guy-dad but as time went by I accepted him after getting a whopping from the other guy. Kmt.😤

Mom and dad couldn’t realize that I was the good guy, I have dreams an plans but now this boy thing came and ruined all of that, now I have to put my plans of taking over the house and slowly taking over the world on a back bench and take care of this machine that seems to Sh*t every 3 seconds.💩

Not to be a downer or anything though, there were good days, yea, I remember drinking the baby formula🍼out the fridge and eating all his Gerber. Then getting an ass whipping but it was all worth it.

I wasn’t going to stop though as I declared war on this intruder, mom and dad only saw when I am hitting it but they never saw when he is giving me bad eyes and throwing stuff at me, but all I want say is, revenge is sweet… Muhuhuhahaha 😈

Please don’t think I am cruel, I just love action as seen in movies, I remember after a session of hitting him, as I walk away I stopped, looked back, smiled and said ” I’ll Be Back “.

I love my brother though, after getting an ass whooping from the other guy again.

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