A Very Manly Feminist


Male Feminist

Would it be wrong if I said I was a feminist? Yes, I know I am a man but I think women deserve more. More of what? More of everything. A man is not less masculine if he believes women need more, if she does need more respect, not because of formalities but because she earned it. Women through history have been oppressed, suppressed, masculinezed, feminized then put out to dry until further necessary to be redefined and yet she still stand shouting with an undefined voice saying ” I have rights too, we are all equal sir”. She fought strong and hard through history but continually she is taught like an animal to submit to the demands of some scared male competitive egoistically motivated bully, defining her place to be beside or behind a man. do you remember the saying “Behind every strong man is a strong woman” Out of context? I rest my case.
Historically speaking, women never had a voice, that is in comparison to men, If she dares stepping outside her designated womanly boundaries, she is pierced  with many tongues, and lashed with many stripes only to be crucified by her own. Even today some women cannot bear the idea of having a female Prime Minister, a female President or even a female Bus driver. Such women doubt every other progressive thinking women and try to put her fellow female counterpart in a box like a rectangle.

Yes I am a man and I know women are demanding more, don’t ask me “more of what?” She demands more respect and when respect is given she will shine, but O, I see the issue now, she might outshine us men and put us to “shame” again & again & again?
So women cannot compete with the men, they are weaker and might get hurt, so they must have their own leagues in sports and don’t forget to dress sexy while swinging those tennis rackets because that’s how women dress and sound right?

Women deserve more and until she realizes this fact, the world is dull dark and colorless.
I believe women need more, deserve more for they have earned more.

My Name is Leonard Richards- Share with a friend and thanks for reading.
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