The Best Documented Documentary Ever

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Do you enjoy watching Documentaries? I do, it is always fascinating how moments in time are captured forever. It is marvelous how much variety of everything exists everywhere at any given time, until it is confusing. You have documentaries on rain, clouds, water, sea, rivers and Beautiful waterfalls. All independently a universe of information to simply digest.
However, I personally enjoy documentaries of the universe or sometimes about the human body. But in one idle moment something stroke me, nope, it wasn’t a lightning documentary- instead, it was quite more complex than that. I recall watching an interesting documentary about Africa and the Images were spectacular, I always wondered to myself though, How is it that the camera crew almost never seemed to scare or get attached by the animals the observe, I see them observe closely the movements of the Chimps and they seem to never recognize that they are being recorded, or do they? I watch the crews document African Tribes and villages, and I wonder, “is there someone in such communities who hate the idea of being photocopied to a CD or trapped in some web on some line somewhere, All in an attempt to inform the future. Is that monkey or the one person in the tribe ‘s freedom to privacy intruded upon ?”
No, because it is for the future right?

This however was not my idle moment of enlightenment, what I wondered then was “Could it be possible even in an atomic way, that somewhere in a Galaxy far away there is a race, species, nations much advanced in knowledge far surpassing earths own?
What if they are observing our environment even now, observing our every movement, documenting every birth, predicting earths events, just as how we humans predict the animal seasons, the days of the year and their mortality rates. What if once in every blue moon they abduct one or two humans to study them to gain knowledge for the future, what if we are but mice in a cage, rats in a maze, a gerbil on a wheel, mere dogs on a leash, would we then mind? It must be OK!! Remember, it is for educating the future, Right? ”
Wrong! I mind but how can I defeat global tourism?

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