To Legalize Marijuana Or Not?

For centuries, poets, artists and even religious figures have penned the phrase “running from the law as to express a time in history where they had to fight against state- aka Government. come to think about it, there has always been some nation, people or race fighting against or running from the law and the yearly statistical evidence shows this Police Vs Civilian, Police vs Gangs, and not to mention the good old Police vs Police attacks. Call it Uniformed Vs Plain Clothes attacks and I see the headlines now, “Attacks slow but surely on the increase”.
Firstly, I aim to scare no man but call all men to reason.
Secondly, I hate no man for all men are even those who protect and serve but I believe that today a war is taking place and I am caught into it’s nasty webs as it seems as if with pun intended “The Stacks are against me and kind”.

For Example- I saw a time in history where the “Law had the power & rights to arrest, detain, charge and criminalize anybody found possessing a plant called Marijuana. It was classified as a drug, the World Health Organization, declared it band and all hell can tumbling down for defenseless users (The Poor Minorities), why? it was legal stuff booming business for the U.S economy- I don’t know who blew smoke in the wrong person’s face but but America placed an all out war on drugs hence it’s users, arresting everyone who even looked “black”… I mean “smoking”. So why am I pointing out the fact that America placed an all out war on drugs and all countries even Jamaica, the Marijuana capital of the world criminalized the substance arresting millions?
With the war on drugs activated, the government aka puppets opened Pharmacies- Legal Drug stores? but you then may say- drug stores aka Pharmacies, haven’t they existed long before major marijuana criminalizing acts existed? and I say, that’s how long the war has been activated but half the stories have not yet been told.

OK, let me get straight to the major points- why is a World Health Organization, owned and operated by a World Government, funded by a World Bank somewhere in the World so concerned and worried if my country legalizes the growth or use of a plant?
Is banana legal, is onion legal – what makes them legal it legal- is it because it’s natural- just like Marijuana?  I bet if a man was caught smoking one pounds of naturally grown onions he would not be criminalizes and I am sure if a woman was caught smoking a naturally ripe banana in-front her children,she would not be criminalized- so what is so different about naturally grown marijuana, what is so bad, the smoke? Toxic and cancerous?
I never realized we were now talking about cigarettes which is clearly poison on a stick, don’t believe me, read the cigar box for yourself and before I forget, can you believe it is legal?

Do I believe Marijuana should be Legal? No, but do I believe it should be criminalized? Hell No!!!! Instead it should be a plant just like Banana and Onion because all plants have an effect on the body, plus we all have the freedom to choose. Don’t we? 

My Name is Leonard Richards- Share with a friend and thanks for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA