To Reason Or Not To ?


How Important Is it?

Do you really enjoy reasoning? I never said talking, but reasoning. Reasoning is like the fresh morning breeze in my lungs, it is as oxygen to me, I love it, I cannot go a day without it. I figured that I am addicted, but yet I am not bothered.I see people moving around like zombies, with no sense of reasoning purpose or vision but that OK?
Why do I reason, Why do I read, why do I learn? All these questions I asked myself today and I realized that I reason to understand or learn only to be reminded that I know nothing, hence, I reason everyday to defeat that same fact, a paradox you may add or a cycle of confusion. No matter what it is, I love oxygen, Cannot go a day without it, addicted and I do not care. Addicted to reasoning, meaning I always have something to do, research and understand, I always have something to say.  Do you enjoy reasoning? & Why?

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