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Fresh Freedom For Sale
I am selling freedom) @ 2.99 per dozen

Think With me for a moment, do you really enjoy freedom? In the back of your mind you just said yes. How did I know that? The same way I know that you think that you know what Freedom is!!! It’s funny how we seem to know what everything is and whatever we don’t know can be found and defined by a book call a Dictionary. Whatever is not found in the dictionary can be found in a thesaurus and if not we can go to the Encyclopedia and if not satisfied with the limited definitions provided, you may even find yourself entangled in the lines of the web, somewhere online.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with learning and understanding new things. I am that cat they said died some thousands of years ago. Curiosity did indeed kill me because I love learning and understanding the things around me, with pure reasoning as my Oxygen, so much so, that even now, I honestly anticipate learning what the afterlife feels like, come on think about it. As far as I can remember, I never asked to be here, did you? But still where’re here, right? Yesterday we were but children playing with our friends, but just look at us now?  Better yet, everybody who is born, will die, so why fear the inevitable? I instead secure a future for myself and my children’s children as “I live to learn and learn to live” a conscious philosophy that I go by as “I love to live and live to love as my guide.

I cannot help but to wonder, what would I have done with my life if I was able to do whatever I wanted to do with it, what would you do with your life? If there were no restriction on what you can and cannot know, I mean no laws to say you MUST and if you don’t you are a criminal, – branded a Criminal whether or not you are caught, because you committed a crime. Who decided what a crime is and what is not a crime? Who decided what is legal and what is not legal? Who decided that when my mother signed for my birth certificate, she had actually signed her son away to the government as The Government’s business? So, this is why I have to shoulder the burdens of the government? By paying legal taxes to a government for everything I eat, anywhere I live, every move I make, and any call I take? This is why I don’t deserve an education because I must help my country (That I Love), not in the developmental stages, no, for we have investors for that, right? When The Government sells all of its properties to Multibillion Dollar Corporations for tax returns and recommends to it citizens to get skills and go out bravely into the Working World to survive with a family of 2, 3 or even 4teen on a minimum wage budget. Freedom now, does seem sweet. When we work with no pay but the money is flowing, but flowing out of the country into dark and the white man’s pockets.

Dear Honorable President, when all the investors are gone, what will be left for my child? What will be left of my life? Indeed, how grateful I am for the pension you pay, words cannot utter, words cannot say I thank You. But are you trying to tell me that I am free? You and I know that as long as you stand over me, it’s just reacting over slavery, a wolf in sheep clothing as a capitalistic economy, but we are equal? SO why when you die, you get an honorable funeral but I must search the streets for coins to buy a plot of land from you to berry my own. Indeed freedom is now sweet.

Countless times I have requested help from you dear Honorable leader but first I had to do voluntary work for it? Lies, it was never voluntary, however, I did it, because I needed help but like a slave on his master’s land, you had me to work for it. So tell the children they don’t have a voice and tell the adults that their voices are their votes, ride on the winds of power, Indeed freedom is now sweet.

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