Just as every other day I’m puzzled. I am so happy when I watch TV, the world it shows me is heavenly, definitely a better place, I mean the children are always happy, plus listening to the nice old lady singing that nice old song from that nice old advertisement that we grew up on as children, is Lovely. I think TV land is the best land to live in, there is so much food on TV, why would anyone be hungry?  Nice warm houses to live in, not to mention the cars, with some prices I can only afford in TV land of course and can you believe that this is all free if I only sit here in front of my TV, (everything on TV is free!!!) Sing it

Think about, the crispy Juicy Chicken, Seasoned with natural garden grown herbs, munched into sweet perfection, glazed with golden honey while steaming in sweet succulent Flavors. I’m watching a local TV channel, it’s free so now I am enjoying my free channels, My Free Chicken advertisement it’s all FREE FREE FREE!!!

Of course It makes me hungry, here comes an advertisement right now about Patties, It so happens that I even enjoy this type of patty, ahh, The Best Patties with the crispiest crusts I have ever seen, Are you wonder how it tastes? Legend has it: That It has the taste of many flavors to make your taste buds as colorful and happy as the rainbow, succulent in juices, with spices shipped straight from the Caribbean seas into every bite.

TV is fun right? But have you ever realized that the news Lady come on the same time every night, I know her voice when she comes on, even if I don’t see her face, I know it’s her, I grew up listening to her telling me what was going on around the world, I trust her but where has she been all day, did she have something to eat just now, does she have a family just like me or does she live alone putting her carrier first or could she be a lawyer at day or maybe a carrier nurse.

I can’t help but to wonder though, is she really Ok? She seems to be always smiling away and Even in the saddest news her smile beams are just shining away. I can’t help but to wonder though is she really smiling my way?

This is an Art I love it, how she keeps me glued and wide awake, but just like every other day, I’m puzzled, how she never ever calls my name.

I am Leonard Richards and thanks for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA