Just As I Am



You said you love me, right? Just as I am, just as I am till death do us part- remember? And now you you’re saying sorry, but I am a fool as I fall for your love again and again and now I know that I truly deserve all the pain I am feeling. I saw the signs, I heard the warnings but, I was willfully blind because I love you, I was willfully blind because I need you, I was willfully blind because I am who I am because of you.

I know, I’m addicted and your sugary lips alone can ease my pain, when you eat away on my neck like a vampire, but still you are not calling out my name. Pure beauty, as gold of the highest quality, liquefied and flowing in your veins, it is sweet sweet love, falling fresh from your honey comb, now I am coming home, to kiss your -pure pure honeycomb and still you don’t call out my name.

Sometimes I think you don’t love me, but you love the way I make you feel, I was looking to make a home run for your heart, but honestly, deep down, I know it was just a steal. I guess this is how destiny would have it be, I with you and you with me till death do us part, but now you’re saying sorry again and again. We are now back at the start at the end, please assure me one last time- You said you love me, more than a friend. Right?

I am Leonard Richards and thanks for reading.

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