My one Question


Why are there so many Unnecessary Evils? I have come to now question if this concept of “necessary evil” really does exist, that desire to hurt others because no justice has yet visited you or even hurting others for your own comfort. If I haven’t learnt anything in my few days on this planet, I have leant that Justice is slow, especially in this side of the world but with hands lifted to the heavens, I am sure, that justice is sure. Not measurable by man’s standards but that of a power greater than the universe itself.

Every wicked thing done will be opened wide in the morning sun and all evil will run searching for places to hide but the wrath of the Son of men will smite in glory and the children will smile again, running free to his mother’s arms, no longer to suffer at the hands of the greedy. But dwelling in a land flowing with milk and honey, a land where there is no name for freedom, because it just is. This a future I see.

But why are there so many unnecessary evils? Where are the answers to the worlds ever glowing Cries? Are the world’s problem not deserving of an answer? I see children crying because there is no water, standing shelter less in the burning Caribbean’s sun, begging to quench a dying thirst never felt before. Do we really want to solve Hunger, do we really want to help our brother or only extend Soup to him in exchange for his right, his God given birth Right to own all. But why are there so many unnecessary Greed, unfairness, lack of Understanding, wickedness, hatred both for self and mankind, while basking in the technological age of wealth, of vanities and evils, not realizing that we need urgent rescue?

I wish we knew or could get even one true answer for the many questions asked, but without wealth or power, we can only wait for justice to finally visit and answer the countless questions of illegitimate charges. But until then

I am Leonard Richards & Thanks for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA