Our Parents Made Us Gamble

GamblingPicture By Natasha Dow

Have you ever played the Lottery? Was it out of a curiosity to win or out of a desperate need for sum 9.7 Million Dollars, which only costs a measly 1, 2 or $300 dollars Jamaican, less dollars in some countries and more in others but my main point is this: What if you made that choice because your mom and dad made you to do it? Destiny in its simplest form, a robot wounded up to move as designed, programmed in so many ways that I would have lifetime employment, if I was to simply tell you one program a day- like your TV program- that you have gone through- School Programs- from you were born, programmed. “If you have not yet gambled- Don’t you ever do it, because it is from the Devil!!!?” So I heard a preacher shout to a congregation of about 50 or more people, including children of course. I could see the mother sitting with her baby on her breast shouting “Yes!” all in agreement with the clergy’s glory call to salvation.

But realistically speaking now, how badly do we really want children to stay away from the devils trap of sum 9.7 Million Dollars, which only costs a measly 1, 2 or $300 dollars Jamaican, less dollars in some countries and more in others but my main point is this: When we create games of unrealistically Illogical Impossibilities and feed these baseless tasteless garbage to our children. What is really the desired outcome from such gains? We allow 1, 2 or 300 Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations to invest, interest and invent in our children’s brain a future of gambling, which is a very profitable industry, if I may add. We take our children away from learning and Remembering History and place them into legal entertaining game stores for kids and pay the necessary legal fees for moments of the good old Fun. What you actually paid for was that child’s Chance To Play & Win in most case a violent competitive match and not even when we spend alone time with our kids, we avoid the Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations that is attached to our TV’s- The Wee stick thingy and other virtual reality gadgets, which if I may add, are in fact virtually awesome but will further deplete the social aspects of our societies as everyone will want to unrealistically live in an unrealistic world.

So, you still cannot see your Parents fault for that ticket you bought and in the most likely case lost? Well, listen closely, it is as follows:

So naturally children grow up, right? And decide to put away childish things, right? Will he not then immerge from the murky waters of the unrealistically Illogical Impossibilities and feed his mind with the Real World Realities, as to understand the World he now lives in, as a man? So why not bet on realistic things such as to “win sum 9.7 Million Dollars, the Lotto Live Game Draw at 5pm this afternoon” or Come on down to a real horse racing game by the racing tracks at 7pm sharp, bring a friend and win millions together? Of course he will bet even his last, he is a Real man now and that’s what Real men do. Right?

I am Leonard Richards and Thanks sum9.7 Million Dollars reading.