Bites From an Ant

I sat outside under a very tall mango tree, inside a small make shift cabin that I made to escape the hassle and bustle of life’s troubles. It resembles a cave indeed, made of old torn cardboard boxes, zinc and other waste materials found around the yard.
My Five Star resemblance of a hotel has a reasonably precise positioning, which allows the cool evening breeze to flow gently through the interior walls and guides the gleaming glosses of sunshine to the exterior of the hut’s surface, I say that to say “not bad “for its architectural styles and designs”.

This reasoning chamber is the best place on earth, except for when it rains of course, lightning and cardboard boxes spell nothing short of a district fire, and so I really could do without that thundering option. Not to mention the frequent ant attacks and mosquito invasions.  

I see ants of different color, size and shape, who seem to always come around when I eat, they seem so greedy running around and watching my plate, seven days of the same week. Watch their tiny feet push away the grains on the ground as to store it for another season, with excruciating pain I am surprise at the aim to store me for that same season.

The piercing bites of these ants are bad, but it is really sad to know that these microscopic beasts, that I unconditionally feed, would store me beside the grains they took from me just last week.
But I am grateful and can live with it all in comparison to the bites and annoyance of the lurking Vampires. Mosquitos are the worst, they pierce like a scary doctor’s four inch injection needle, sucking most of my blood, then carries it to the World Mosquito Blood Bank to create more mosquitoes to again come suck more of my blood.

Did you know that the World Health Organization in their blood drives, requires you to give more blood because it is healthier for you? Yes, removing old blood helps the body to reproduce new fresh blood which I understand makes us physically better people. A scam? I am not sure, but just in case such theory is true, I suppose the bite of the ants or mosquito only makes us a stronger force too.

I am Leonard Richards, bites for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA