His Real Reality


He was from a dark race, black as midnight but he never minded that fact, as he never fully understood what that had meant for him. He never knew his father, as he was taken away to work on the Train lines upstate, only a few month before he was born. There and then, his mother was scared as she got hitched with a chief elder who already had four sons and a beautiful daughter but also had just lost his wife in his daughter’s miraculous birth.

This Confused, angry, hurting chief elder then saw it as a curse that this young lady was simply involuntarily enforced upon him. Along with his already burdensome responsibilities as a regional chief carpenter and father of five, he now has to take care of this girl and her unborn son while standing strong for his motherless lads.

Twelve years later, this boy is telling his brothers and sister stories of the future, it sounds so beautifully and wonderful that they can’t wait to get there. They sounded impossibly wonderful, but still his clear visionary speeches made his mother feel as proud as she always knew she would become, somebody great, someday, because she dreamed it.

She is scared though, they might take him away just like how they took his father away, to work on the train lines upstate. So she taught him well, everything she knew, she even sent him among the learned elders and now his recitation of intellect has grown in excellence, now he is teaching a futuristic view on his learnings and the elders are amazed. He is great and only getting better to stand the test of times.

I am Leonard Richards. Thanks for reading.
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