Obama and Bolt Arrested

Usain Bolt

Now is the year 2016, a year that is wonderful for me and great for many others, I want to make two predictions.
Olympics is again right around the corner and my super hero, the Hon. Usain Bolt will be running.  It is only because of him that I enjoy sports today, so I really respect him.
However, history is sad and so I take this opportunity to make a prediction that “Usain Bolt will be imprisoned for some disappointing act of course, if not anti-doping charges. I also predict that on a global scale there will be shame and disappointment flowing in his direction.” Secondly, “I predict that it will be said, that President Obama will be found to have a criminal record”.  The race that was elevated by these monumental figure will plummet downward as designed, all in due time.

I am Leonard Richards, the boy from the past.