Predicting the Future

Paranoid 101

Within my freshman year at a local university in Jamaica, my housemate Shanique Fagon and I reasoned immensely on all topics known to man, many nights we would spend out in the kitchen hall, reasoning about everything and as always it was very fulfilling. One evening while we were on the topic of “the right to be defined or given the right to become an homosexual” it came up that if the right was given to have such an “immoral thing” legalized, then pedophiles, rapists, murderers, etc. would then futuristically demand there rights too, until right and wrongs were just the limitation of the lame old people back in the 2000’s.

It is funny how there was once a time when people never smoked on Television, they simply couldn’t, as it was too negative and wrong at the time. Today the leading actor is puffing cigars by the boxes all in one take, while kissing a teenage school girl erotically on her you know what, in her seductively short dress, showing her smooth shaved legs rapped in very fine fish netted stockings, stockings that are closely trailing her smoothly chiseled legs leading heavenly upwards.

But there’s nothing wrong with that, for it is simply the fashion of the century. “an artistic form of expressing myself” the slang of the day for the new cool trendy kids of the future going to class naked, only covered by holograms of clothes made by top computer software companies. This time not for fashionable reasons, but instead simply because of technological advancements, along with a few health benefits as to not restrict blood flow or to simply prevent restricting the skin from breathing properly, I suppose.

With that said, I predict the above to be true. We will have failing economies, hence, robots will replace human labor and seem to reign supreme over mankind in defense, labor, programming and customer service areas. The systems of law and order will crumble due to global financial meltdowns and governments will leave such repairs in the hand of technology, which will intern enslave humankind.
If you create a robot to be smarter than you, then give it the ability to reason both higher than you or any other human can, are we then prepared to be treated as how we presently privilege animals like our dogs. Reason, the one thing that separates humans from animals is what we want to program into robots, at thinking speeds faster than the internet or any other platform ruling at that time, for how long do we think it will allow us to play with it, how long will it be before it reasons and understands human patterns? How to entertain us, how to distract us, how to make us happy, how to produce music, how to fashion trends, how to produce and reproduce art, sooner or later they are in television shows acting major parts in the “Robot family Tree, Season 9, episode 6” and in the quint of an eye, see the cute little robots demanding their own rights to life. So what are robots simply being programmed to do?  Think and plan to take over the World Pinky.

Finally, people will live life without purpose, feeling free but are trapped within themselves, feeling incomplete, unhappy, confused just to name a few and just as how animals are “harmlessly” chemically put down, similarly you will be able to get put down at any nearby hospital because “It is your life, Relive it, Reloaded” or “curiosity kills the cat” future advertisements encouraging viewers and listeners to travel the afterlife in style on your own time for only $3.99 NWC (New world currency). Depressive concepts are marketable, ripe through advanced Philosophical thoughts of the “future”. Scholars excel in wisdom but still not able to comprehend the minutest of things, not limited by old age but still limited by death as for that, there is no cure.
Again, Muslims will have great seats of power in the world and will rule powerful as how Christianity had rained in its days of power (peacefully violent and in order).
Now is 5/5/2016 and nobody realize that World War 3 has already begun.

With all that said, I do hope that the blacks will finally find themselves and home.
I am Leonard Richards. Thanks for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA