Sides of a Coin


A few days ago I held in my palm a silver coin, I continued to flip it as I walked home and wondered to myself; how could I make this coin mine? I am aware that this coin along with every other coin belongs to the government and so realistically I cannot have it. Then it hit me, there is one way to have this coin, its illegal yes but it’s the only way that I can have it. If I was to have my own money, I would have to steal it, yes, steal it because I want to make this coin my own. That’s a different Side of the Coin.

I was now getting confused, so I placed the coin in my pocket and went on to plug my ears with some sweet Classical and then Reggae music and as I listened to the raw Jamaican dialect, sang by real Jamaican artists, I realized something then. When some American listen to a Chinese man sing “whoop whoop” and dance comedic-ally, it sounds catchy, melodic and Ganganstylish. It sounds fun while we hear a few English words that we know such as “Sexy Lady” and then off again to some high energy gibberish. Some American remember the lyrics to these songs, just listen to the children repeat it fluently but not understanding what is being said.

That’s when I understood why reggae is so much fun to people all around the world, who don’t even understand what a bulla is, but as long as Bulla is made to rhyme melodically with Sugar (a known subject), it becomes a global hit, especially if you then say “Jamaica man, no problem” within a few bars.
I understood that to some Americans Reggae is simply Chinese. Now, that’s a different Side of the Coin.

Since we are now talking about coins again. Upon arriving home, I took out the silver coin from my pocket, placed it on my bedroom table under the reading light and shockingly enough as the LED lighting hits the coin’s surface, the face on the coin was staring dead into my eyes. I seem to have then had a flash back and started wondering to myself; how could I make this coin mine? I jumped out of a hypnotic state and looked away quickly, swiftly turning the coin over on the other side, all in an attempt to ease the pain and burden of knowing that my destiny is shaped by unseen powers, to never have nothing and whatever I have will never be mine.
I flipped the coin successfully, but as I slowly removed my hand from over the shiny silver coin, I saw an equally symbolic emblem on the tails side of the coin, representing whatever I earlier saw on the front side of the coin and there I realized that a coin only has one side, copied to the next. Now, that is not a different Side of the Coin.

I am Leonard Richards. Thanks you for reading