Trump Versus Hilary Elections Predictions


I have never been to America in the physical sense, but mentally I’ve walked Wall Street Avenue, made a 360 degree close up camera rotation in time square and even waited on a train by the subway, while eating a subway sandwich of course. But as to physically step beyond the country’s borders, I have not yet done so.

Everywhere I presently turn, I see a crisp reflection of the American society. One that is heavily influenced by trends, fashion, nuclear and technological advancements, as seen on the internet. Many think it is a war strategy on the minds of all, conspiring and claiming all nations under its control trough societal media adverts. Many also think such society is infiltrating foreign powers, skillfully maneuvering and trapping its victims, by preying on their citizens caught in its entertaining webs.

Presently this esteemed nation is having its general elections and already I know who the winner is.
I selected the winner from day one, which is now between the two final competitors that remain, but I never recorded such predictions, so that claim cannot be justified.  Unless the persons I told wrote and sign to the fact.

Firstly, there is Hilary Clinton, a matured lady who is firm and strong for as far as the eyes can see. With a historically strong family tree of pronounced presidential and political figures. She is also the wife of the then President Bill Clinton and if elected president, she will become the first white female to grace the great United States of America’s White house as president.
Feminists worldwide will parade the streets in joy, as now the great saying “Behind every great man is a great woman” would be turned around to say “every great woman has an equally great figure standing behind her” weather male, female or otherwise. But this time has not yet come.

Then there is Donald trump the radical, unconventional, unorthodox multibillionaire. A free man speaking whatever comes close to his lips in the land of the free. He makes claims of building massive walls and sending millions back home, sending the blacks back to Africa? I hope so, they must go home at some point, I believe.

Remember, Donald is not only rich but he is also a business man, he is a representative of the top one percent richest on a global scale. One percent of Wealthy business men are all relying on him to win this election for the team, which he must, as certain things are simply “destined” no matter the amounts of ballots casted.
Remember, anyone who owns the U.S economy owns the global markets, so he has invested the best of everything on his campaigning team, with people who can tell him what next controversial topic to touch as to have the media following his every step, to hear what trash he has to say. Paying for everything independent of sponsors, Stupid? No, he has the money, plus when Americans step into those voting booths, love him or hate him, they will remember him most out of all the other candidates and feel like they have grown to love him over the hot live election series season 57, which makes them even a little more open to vote for him.
If Donald trump wins, America will have jobs again, less debts spending on unemployed and illegal emigrants. A powerful army force, made up of Americans. He will bring vision from a business perspective to the homeless and hungry Americans who will buy into its fleshy concepts, or so I believe.

President Trump already knows he is the winner and the world will see that when the question is asked ‘Who runs the World?” the answer will again echo that men still rule the World girls.

I am Leonard Richards and thank you for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA