The worst Betrayal

The worst thing that ever happen to a lovely loving friendly friend is to see his closest friends turn their backs on him, at the time he needs them most. It is a reality that ideally we are social, but for the protective sake of self, many become an island, state or isolated to never be vulnerable to the hurts of leaving friends and nothing is wrong with that. All must choose his own life wisely and carefully, hence, if isolation is the choice, then it is the only correct answer on the unwritten exams of life.
No man seeks friends that cannot impart something of value to his life, each friendship is as a partnership or relationship between two or more persons, but again others seem to forge such bond between no one else and themselves but again, all must choose his own path wisely and carefully. If Isolation and self-empowerment/partnership is the choice, then it is the only correct answer on the exam answer sheets of life.
But what if the lovely loving friendly friend was guilty, what if the accusations directed at him by his friends are true? He did indeed do what they said he did, he simply removed the objet and hid it on his person. The loot happens to still be on his bodily possession right now. What would you say then? Would you stand confused and in shock, would you seek answers as to explain how the stolen item arrived in his pockets or would you admit the fact that even though he does not recall stealing anything “He is Guilty Man”?
This indeed would be an awfully confusing twisted plot of trust and betrayal. After years of isolation, Mr. Friendly finally finds comfort within himself but according to the cameras, something is not right with self “the only friend he has and need”. Self seems to have indeed stolen the object and not mysteriously planted on his bodily person. He then thinks thoughtfully to himself, “why would I steal this, why do I not remember stealing it, as captured on the recording cameras?
But, he will never know why, as he will never tell himself of the deep dark secrets buried in concealed shallow graves in the back of his mind. Self-seems to have been taking what it has always wanted and deleted the memories of it while Mr. Friendly slept quietly, taking over in sleep mode, walking to its nightly missions in the dens of dark nights, only to return remembering nothing of the previous night the next morning, except for fragments of stupid dreams dreamt up by self.
Sadly, this time, the object was in his pocket for real, he was caught in the act this time and this time seems to be the last time he may act again. But look at the bright sides, Now Mr. friendly and himself will spend lifetimes together behind bars, for they are guilty and moreover, they will spend more time alone with each other, for he is guilty, Mr. Friendly and Himself, the only friend he has and need.

I am Leonard Richards, thank you for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA