The Empty Mind


The wonders of how the world is structured, designed or just is, is mind boggling in itself, to even the greatest of minds afforded to humanity thus far. We seek to search out every natural questions and then start quests for answers, but only the wise and the learned have been heard saying “we still know nothing” after centuries upon centuries, upon centuries of information passed down through the ages. From oral traditions, to inscribed symbols on parchments of paper, to written words chiseled cold into the sides of mountains, we cannot then completely say “we don’t really know for sure”, but where are these important historic information now, the important memories from the past that were unlocked for the future?
But wait, if we were to simply begin to thrash through the countless ages of information available to humankind, where would we simply begin? At the present, or in the beginning? How long would it take to understand in detail any given moment, if every given moment is but a memory you are experiencing of what has already happened, for ex. “ before you read THIS, THIS was already Written… Before THIS was already written, THIS was a thought… and while THIS was being written, other moments are passing by in Tons of Tons of Gigabytes in detail.
So, where do we begin? The present which cannot be fully captured before becoming a memory, or do we study the past that seemingly stands still as to be observed, with hopefully all information present and true. But observing the past does come at the risk of missing the very moments of your own present existence and alters the experience of your future. Would it really be worth it, if within your ninetieth years, you also would have come to say “After all is said and done I don’t know”?
We do not presently know everything, although that seems almost next to impossible to believe, but until we all admit to THIS fact, we will continue to run ourselves into brick walls in searching for something that is as basic as sleep. The wise and the foolish are in the same boat sing the same “We still know nothing” song. One hundred years of life is almost nothing, only compared to the countless centuries that were before all, recorded and not.
What else can we do than to live humbly? I am Leonard Richards, thank you for reading. Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA