Starting Over


Learning something, anything, everything for the first time can sometimes be hard and that’s just what it is, but I am still yet to understand why the feeling of failure hurts so much and the process of starting over seem so heavy.

The beginning of some things are sometimes easy and that is understandable, the first time I took a breath it apparently was very easy, so easy that I can’t even remember ever forgetting how to… ever since…  But If I was to fall into any difficulties and was unable to fill my own lungs with air I am sure I would feel frightened, frustrated and a bit embarrassed as this is something I should have mastered. The event of failing is bad, the process of starting over for sure is hard but which is best ?

I was once told, “Choose the Job you love and you would not have worked a day [after] in your life” but even then I am a bit skeptical of a promise as this as it sound a bit too much like a “riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after” script, and I am not saying such a lifestyle is impossible, but the probability is very very slim in any real reality, even a job to sleep all day can become hassling (stressful), so…. even then, the concept of love can also become burdensome which is my real point of measure. Numerous people across vast number of ages, near and far have encountered the effects of love and yet not everybody has good remarks in that regards.So, Is it possible to find the “Job of your DREAMS” and still feel as if you are working, long and hard? Yes, but the idea of possibly starting over and facing a lot worst could be enough to make us not want to leave.

Everything is learn-able but the idea of possibly failing sometimes seem to turn us away from starting in the first place, and the reality is that we possibly would have mastered the lesson if we only had tried. But then again I don’t think we fully understand fear, and how it can cripple even the strongest lion with the fairest appearance even in the middle of war. Fear can cause us to miss out on somethings, anything, everything and that is why not worrying or not fearing failure in the first place is the only correct answer. Always be prepared to adjust or readjust because failure is not the desire but it can be the out come, it is the reality sometimes, so what, what next? Moving on and forward is best and that may also involve starting over. So what next? Registered & Protected 7XGS-UA4T-DJIB-R0MA