Predicting the Future

Paranoid 101 Within my freshman year at a local university in Jamaica, my housemate Shanique Fagon and I reasoned immensely on all topics known to man, many nights we would spend out in… Continue reading

Sides of a Coin

A few days ago I held in my palm a silver coin, I continued to flip it as I walked home and wondered to myself; how could I make this coin mine? I… Continue reading

Obama and Bolt Arrested

Now is the year 2016, a year that is wonderful for me and great for many others, I want to make two predictions. Olympics is again right around the corner and my super… Continue reading

Bites From an Ant

I sat outside under a very tall mango tree, inside a small make shift cabin that I made to escape the hassle and bustle of life’s troubles. It resembles a cave indeed, made… Continue reading

Fresh Freedom

A very short read Fresh Freedom For Sale I am selling freedom) @ 2.99 per dozen Think With me for a moment, do you really enjoy freedom? In the back of your mind… Continue reading

Our Parents Made Us Gamble

Picture By Natasha Dow Have you ever played the Lottery? Was it out of a curiosity to win or out of a desperate need for sum 9.7 Million Dollars, which only costs a… Continue reading


Just as every other day I’m puzzled. I am so happy when I watch TV, the world it shows me is heavenly, definitely a better place, I mean the children are always happy,… Continue reading

Just As I Am

  You said you love me, right? Just as I am, just as I am till death do us part- remember? And now you you’re saying sorry, but I am a fool as… Continue reading

My one Question

But why are there so many unnecessary evils? Where are the answers to the worlds ever glowing Cries? Are the world’s problem not deserving of an answer? I see children crying because there is no water, standing shelter less in the burning Caribbean’s sun, begging to quench a dying thirst never felt before.

Philosophy 101

Today, I thought to myself: “If we understood the cosmic complexities of the universe, that deep within such colossal light years of space, are tiny atomic structures existing alongside nothingness. I believe if… Continue reading