My one Question

But why are there so many unnecessary evils? Where are the answers to the worlds ever glowing Cries? Are the world’s problem not deserving of an answer? I see children crying because there is no water, standing shelter less in the burning Caribbean’s sun, begging to quench a dying thirst never felt before.


Philosophy 101

Today, I thought to myself: “If we understood the cosmic complexities of the universe, that deep within such colossal light years of space, are tiny atomic structures existing alongside nothingness. I believe if… Continue reading

To Legalize Marijuana Or Not?

For centuries, poets, artists and even religious figures have penned the phrase “running from the law as to express a time in history where they had to fight against state- aka Government. come… Continue reading

The Best Documented Documentary Ever

Do you enjoy watching Documentaries? I do, it is always fascinating how moments in time are captured forever. It is marvelous how much variety of everything exists everywhere at any given time, until… Continue reading

A Very Manly Feminist

  Would it be wrong if I said I was a feminist? Yes, I know I am a man but I think women deserve more. More of what? More of everything. A man… Continue reading

Dreaming of a Setting Sun

Honestly, I don’t mind. I don’t mind that the sun has been rising for the past 21 years of my life, almost in the same position. I am actually quiet happy she does,… Continue reading

To Reason Or Not To ?

Do you really enjoy reasoning? I never said talking, but reasoning. Reasoning is like the fresh morning breeze in my lungs, it is as oxygen to me, I love it, I cannot go a… Continue reading

Best Big Brother Ever

I remember it like it was just 20 years ago, well, it was actually 20 years ago that my mom came home with this weird looking kid, telling me he was my brother.… Continue reading


I use to be that guy, skipping through the grasses all happy and dandy until somebody said “That’s so GAY!!!!”, yea, I never did that again or at-least not in public.

Ambiguous or Not?

I am sorry that your sorry that you thought I was wrong, I was  telling you and compelling that I was right all along. You say I speak and you don’t understand, but… Continue reading