I Love You

What have I done to deserve such pain, I don’t want to lose you, to flash, format and reset my brain. My heart drives me to you, but you step pass me without even a clue but I am determined I will one day be loving you.

The Blind Spot

Have you ever started a journey and cannot see the end? everyone else seems to be succeeding both families and friends, Its as if you are stuck in this one place no matter… Continue reading

I’m a fool For Jesus

        I once heard a gentle man say “I am a fool for Jesus” I am not sure if he attended a University but I guess that was his Ethos,He… Continue reading

“We live on a crust of earth”

  William James, an American philosopher, once gave a lecture on cosmology. Afterward, “a little old lady” said that his theory about the solar system was wrong. Instead, she asserted, “We live on… Continue reading

That Kind Gesture

    I woke up late because I had nothing much to eat last night, I survived though, as my body fed itself from my height. The day continued and nothing presented itself… Continue reading

It is better to have loved and lost

All my life I desire someone to love, some one to call my own, and those days seemed as days that would never dear to show its head or simply to never come,… Continue reading

“I’m Trying”

“I’m Trying”, these are the words I put to paper just for you, what am I talking about? Maybe you have no clue but I keep telling you that I have strong real… Continue reading

The Day Before Tomorrow

There is approximately 24 hour in one single day,  365.242 days in one year but just like every normal human being, we live almost every moment without any care. We long for The… Continue reading

Finding Light within the Darkness

Light is a representation of its source , one to  illuminate the skies, brighten one’s life and this is displayed in the morning’s Sun rise. What can we say? When the light is… Continue reading

Its Not About The Nail

This video is so funny, speaking of what a woman desires from a man. I like. I also guarantee that you will Laugh, or maybe smile hard, nothing less.