He’s got the answer.

Who am I? Today I am and tomorrow I am not. Who am I? A lonely being in this world, I have a voice but never to be heard. I am one who… Continue reading

My Rose

What a beautiful sight, a sight to behold, a story of love never untold, the value so priceless, never to be sold, One so precious, better than gold. The scenery so awesome, the smell… Continue reading

Last Night

Last night I enjoyed Your company, Last night I had a lot of fun, last night I wish it would never end, I wish it would never be done; Last night I realized… Continue reading

The Small Town Girl

She has an innocent look, one you cant reject and if you look deep into her eyes, her soul would reflect. As you enter the town she is the first you would see,… Continue reading

Who Should I Be?

Wake up in the mornings and feel so incomplete, incomplete because I never had a dream, I stick to myself as I try to find myself but society diagnosed me with low self… Continue reading

The way I feel About Her

    I see her every morning and in my dreams every night but I don’t know how to tell her and I don’t think that is right, I really want to tell… Continue reading

Security Disgusts

    Security is considered to be a essential service in Jamaica and I would suppose that this is a universal language or expression, and during my lifetime I have met very descent… Continue reading


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          Is there such a thing as True Love anymore?     Love is the most profound emotion known to human beings. For most people, romantic Relationships are the…

Why Our Society Is Changing Morally?

    Different societies around the world are changing not only in my country (Jamaica) but for some reason either for good or bad, these changes are always gravitated to too easily as… Continue reading